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    Wazeefa Tech

    The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT), by developing human resources, seeks to support the national economy, create new job opportunities and promote specialization and acquisition of specialist skills in the various ICT fields. It is endeavoring to empower society members, particularly youth, and equip them with necessary skills and tools to move toward a knowledge-based society.

    MCIT is launching “Wazeefa Tech”, a new initiative based on the “Income Share Agreement” model. Wazeefa Tech is built on “Learn First… Pay Later”. The program ends with a job opportunity; interns will be hired with good salaries after the successful completion of the three-month training program.

    The initiative is implemented in collaboration between MCIT and the Ministry of Social Solidarity (MoSS), aiming to increase the number of ICT calibers across the country. The cost of the program will be covered by Nasser Social Bank (NSB) at zero- interest loan. When interns get hired, they can repay the loan from their salaries, in installments payable up to three years.

    Through the program, companies will be able to fulfill their hiring needs with a flow of qualified calibers at annual quarters. In addition, they can reduce investment expenses spent on the training of newly hired fresh graduates. Companies are responsible for selecting interns, providing the technical design of the program and recruiting interns at the end of the program. The minimum duration of employment contracts made by the companies with qualified candidates should be of one year. After the successful recruitment, all the training costs will be repaid to the companies by Nasser Social Bank.

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