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  • ICT Industry Development
    1. Investment and Exports
    1. Impacting Capacity
    1. Market Outreach
    1. Infrastructure Development
    1. Supporting MSMEs in ICT

    ICT Industry Development

    The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) seeks to boost Egyptís global ICT competitiveness by developing the outsourcing services industry, raising IT service exports and attracting foreign investment, thereby promoting sector growth and creating new job opportunities.

    MCIT, therefore, endeavors to develop the capacity of human resources to support the national economy, in collaboration with stakeholders in various sectors; raising the value of knowledge and creativity; promoting specialization and the acquisition of specialist skills in the various fields of ICT through internationally accredited programs; and equipping future generations with the ability to apply ICTs in all sectors to promote national development, productivity and competitiveness.

    MCIT pursues increasing annual revenues from outsourcing exports and intellectual property, as well as attracting more foreign investment through marketing and promotion of Egyptian ICT activities and exports, participation in regional and international exhibitions, and organization of trade missions.

    Moreover, MCIT seeks to increase the number of outsourcing professionals, with the aim of creating more direct and indirect job opportunities; establish technology parks in various governorates, especially those where the key elements of industry are available; and raise the ability of Egyptian companies to develop the IT industry through the implementation of capacity-building programs and the provision of necessary infrastructure.

    Additionally, MCIT targets to support MSMEs by raising their performance and competitiveness, expanding the range of training programs available to Egyptian companies, Promoting the use of global consultancy firms by Egyptian companies seeking to enter foreign markets, and developing and supporting MSMEs working in the fields of software, value-added services and internet.

    Investment and Exports
    Impacting Capacity
    Market Outreach
    Infrastructure Development
    Supporting MSMEs in ICT

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