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    Software Engineering Competence Center

    The Software Engineering Competence Center (SECC), affiliated to ITIDA, is an Egyptian leading organization in enhancing the quality, efficiency and level of innovation of ICT companies.

    Its aim is to promote companiesí global competitiveness by improving the process and content of their product or service production. It supports the development of the software industry through the provision of training, assessment, consultation and certification.

    Over the past few years, SECC has developed its training services to provide a growing number of beneficiaries with knowledge of technologies, frameworks, models and best practices for software engineering and IT service management.  SECC developed an effective engagement model enabling it to tailor its service offerings to the needs of different markets and target groups in support of this diversification.

    SECC is the sole examination and certification body for the ISTQB certificates in Egypt, the most renowned scheme for certifying software testers. The program recognizes organizations with a demonstrated commitment to software testing certifications, and comprises four levels of partnerships: Silver, Gold, Platinum and Global.  The partnership level of an organization is determined through the number of certification points it accumulates.

    The ISTQB Project covered ten national universities from nine different Governorates, namely Cairo, Ain Shams, Zagazig, Minia, Fayoum, Munofia, Mansoura, Assiut, Alexandria and Banha. The three-month project engaged nine highly qualified certified instructors to conduct a four-day training course at ten national universities.
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