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    Startup Support Program

    The Startup Support Program was established to provide support for ICT based startups. The program provides one-on-one customized support covering a broad range of topics, services and resources. It is designed to capitalize on developing competencies through highly customized trainings under the Business and Entrepreneurship Support Training - BEST Program and Consultancy Services in legal, IP, marketing and soon financial.

    Under the BEST Program, TIEC held the following workshops:

    § Growth Hacking: The workshop highlighted certain areas in growth hacking including, among others, what makes a great growth hacker, advanced tactics, the power of analytics, growth hacking process, content and distribution, building the growth hacker mindset and growth hacking case studies.
    § Digital Marketing Strategy: The workshop focused on key skills, tools and methods needed for creating a viable marketing message and distributing it effectively over digital platforms to achieve companies’ goals.

    § Technology Commercialization: The workshop provided an advanced understanding of technology, commercial functions and analytics, as well as a clear process of innovation.
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