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  • International Relations
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    International Relations

    There is no doubt that the ongoing success Egypt has achieved in carrying out the initiatives it had launched highly depends on the adopted approach. This approach aims at making the most of all aspects of development realized on both the regional and international levels in information and communication technology (ICT). Such success also has to do with Egypt's contributions to the sector.

    The International Relations sector at Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) is one of the key pillars of pushing forward the development and growth of the ICT sector in Egypt. It has contributed to creating partnerships with all concerned parties regionally and internationally in a bid to maximize Egypt's role on the global level. It has also facilitated an enabling environment for the sector's growth, making use of and contributing to setting international strategies for the Information Society.

    Moreover, the International Relations sector has been playing an extremely important role in initiating and putting into force cooperation with the concerned parties operating in ICT on the national, regional and international levels.

    The aspired international cooperation could have never been realized without the availability of the required collaboration among all decision-making bodies. This could be accomplished through a vast number of initiatives in the areas of political planning and practical application. In this respect, MCIT continues to adopt the same approach of constructive cooperation with several concerned parties on the national, regional and international levels and with several countries, institutions and organizations around the world.

    Regional Cooperation
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    International Organizations
    Development Partners

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