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    Egypt and the US have strategic ties on both economic and political levels. Egypt has managed to build on this relation to boost cooperation in ICT via mechanisms of constructive dialogue. Egypt has been cooperating with the US within the spectrum of negotiations at international organizations in order to achieve the desired balance between the two parties. On the economic level, Egypt has succeeded in enhancing cooperative relations and in realizing the principle of constructive partnership through more presence of American companies in the country. This has contributed to increasing business opportunities and pushing forward economic and community development through several projects.

    Main Objectives:
    The goals of supporting Egypt-US ties for the coming five years can be identified in the following:
    1. Continuing a high-level strategic dialogue with the US
    2. Achieving an actual partnership that depends on mutual benefits on the level of American and Egyptian private sectors
    3. Benefiting from the American experiences in the technical field, supporting small and medium-sized enterprises (SME)s and Egyptian entrepreneurs in a more positive manner
    Main Axes of Cooperation with the US:

    The cooperation frameworks with the US include the following number of tracks that we seek to put into force:
    1. Boosting cooperation within the framework of a high-level working group in the following fields:
      • Cyber security
      • Innovation development and the establishment of technology venture capitals
      • Clean technology
      • Internet safety for children
      • The development of high-speed internet services
      • Internet-related issues and subjects
      • Entrepreneurship
    2. Communicating with Egyptian expatriates in the US and making use of their experience and potentials
    3. Coordinating with the US international issues and cooperating with it within the spectrum of international organizations and multilateral negotiations

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