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    Helmy: ICT Sector, Key partner in Suez Canal Project
    Source : Al-Gomhourya Newspaper
    15 Jan 2015
    In an interview with Al-Gomhourya Newspaper, the ICT Minister, Atef Helmy said that the ICT was a key partner in the Egyptian major national projects to prepare for establishing the largest logistics area in the world at Suez Canal region to compete with Hong Kong and Singapore.
    Helmy: Moving from Planning to Execution
    Source : Almessa Newspaper
    2 Jan 2015
    In his interview with Almasaa’ Newspapers, the Minister of ICT Atef Helmy said the ministry’s concrete steps is moving from the planning phase to the execution phase for citizens to feel the difference and save their efforts, money and time.
    Egypt is Back, Thanks to ICT- Minister
    Source : Wamda
    31 Dec 2014
    Egypt's slow broadband speeds and rickety IT infrastructure are major issues throttling growth in the internet-based 'startup revolution', but Minister of Communications and Information Technology Atef Helmy is confident at least some of these issues will be solved by 2020.
    ICT Minister Press Interview to Riyadh Newspaper
    Source : Riyadh Newspaper
    9 Sep 2013
    The Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Mr Atef Helmy has said that there are clear visions and serious strategies for the future. When it comes to establishing a new building, previous mistakes has to be adjusted first to guarantee a safe structure, and we take these adjustments seriously, He has added.
    Egypt - Saudi Cooperation to Excel - ICT Minister
    Source : Al-Shark Al-Awsat Newspaper
    6 Sep 2013
    In a Press Interview with Al-Shark Al-Awsat newspaper, Egyptian ICT Minister said the timing of Riyadh visit was distend at this particular term. “Being the first minister of ICT to visit Saudi Arabia in this particular moment where Saudi Arabia stood by the Egyptian people, consisted a remarkable combination of elements adding great value to the timing of the visit,” he added.
    ICT Minister Press Interview to Sustainable Development Website
    Source : Sustainable Development Media Platform
    27 Feb 2013
    In a Press Interview published at the Sustainable Development media platform, the Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Atef Helmy said that the ICT sector, in the next phase, should focus on adapting ICTs to find solutions to issues of concern to the community.
    Minister of ICT in an Interview with Al-Mal
    Source : Al-Mal Newspaper
    9 Oct 2012
    Mr. Hany Mahmoud displays the outlines of his plan to reshape the ICT sector and rearrange its priorities. He plans to bring ordinary people in a close touch with ICT services.
    Minister of ICT in an Interview with Al-Alam Al-Youm
    Source : Al-Alam Al-Youm Newspaper
    8 Oct 2012
    During Euromoney conference, Mr. Hany Mahmoud explains the ICT sector vision for the coming phase and its plans to raise investments in the Arabic e-content field. He also stresses on the importance of a strong infrastructure and pumping more investments into the Egyptian market.
    Minister of ICT Interview with Al-Goumhouryia
    Source : Al-Goumhouryia Newspaper
    30 Sep 2012
    In an interview with Al-Gomhouryia newspapers, Minister of ICT, Mr. Hany Mahmoud ensures that intensive meetings are held between the Ministry and government officials to solve garbage, traffic and gasoline problems. In this regard, he says: “we work hard on emergency problems and hope that ICT tools play a significant role in undertaking the President’s program so that the man of the street can feel the real change”.
    Minister of ICT, Mr. Hany Mahmoud in an Interview with Al-Massa’
    Source : Al Massa’ Newspaper
    12 Aug 2012
    Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Mr. Hany Mahmoud expresses his happiness of being part of the government formed after the first democratic presidential elections in Egypt. He praised former ministers of ICT for their efforts and devotion, as the ICT sector has achieved a quantum leap positioning Egypt among advanced countries in ICT. He says that he has a dream for the 25th Revolution.

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