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    Dr Mohamed Abdel Kader Mohamed Salem served as Egypt’s Minister of Communications and Information Technology from July 2011 until August 2012. Salem’s field of experience covers IT infrastructure planning, strategic IT project management, design and planning of IT training programs covering all levels and training of IT professionals.He was the Chairman of the Information Technology Institute (ITI) since 2002 and a member of the institute’s Board of Trustees.

    Salem served as a Board Member of the Center of Computers and Information Systems of Cairo University’s Faculty of Economics and Political Sciences, a Board Member of the Faculty of Computers and Information Technology of Sixth of October University. He also served as the Chairman of the International Conference of Information and Communication Technology (ICICT), the International Conference of Multimedia (Digimedia) and the Arabic Conference for Geographic Information Systems (ArabMap). From July 2000 to July 2002, Salem served as ITI Vice Director.

    From July 1993 to July 2000, he was the Director of the institute’s Professional Training Program. Salem has considerable academic expertise, having served as a lecturer of computer engineering, information systems and computer science—in the areas of artificial intelligence and expert systems, software engineering, management information systems, software project management, decision support systems and electronic commerce-at ITI, Cairo University’s Faculty of Economics and Political Sciences, the Arab Academy for Sciences and Technology, the International Academy for Media Science, Sixth of October University and Misr International University.

    As a consultant, he has worked in the fields of computers and information systems, information technology and artificial intelligence applications. During his career, Salem participated in information and communications technology—related conferences around the world and published material on various ICT-related fields including geographic information systems training and distance learning. Salem holds a Ph.D. and M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering – Computers and Systems Engineering from Ain Shams University, and a B.Sc. in electrical engineering from the Military Technical College.


    Dr. Mohamed Salem's Speech in Cairo ICT 2012 26 Apr 2012
    Dr. Salem Delivers Egypt Speech in Connect Arab Summit, Doha, on Behalf of Field Marshal, Mohamed Hussein Tantawi 6 Mar 2012


    Shutting Down Internet and Mobile Phones Will Never Happen Again 27 Aug 2011
    Minister of ICT: the Government Is In Charge of 20% of Internet Development Plan 20 Nov 2011
    Dr. Salem Interview with "Al-Gomhoria Al- Osbo'y" (Al-Gomhoria Weekly) 22 Sep 2011

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