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    20 Nov 2018 AI and Future of Cybersecurity Work
    The article tackles how can Artificial Intelligence impact the future of cybersecurity work. For the foreseeable future, AI will simply remain a tool in a defenderís pocket, making it possible to detect, and therefore respond to, ever evolving advanced attacks.
    11 Oct 2018 Big Data Impacts Social Media Marketing
    Social media is not only used to connect with others, but it has become an effective platform for businesses to reach their target audience. The article presents four major ways through which big data is impacting social media marketing.
    6 Sep 2018 Guide to Egypt Tech Startup Ecosystem
    For now, this should serve as a basic guide to anyone who wants to understand what Egyptís startup ecosystem looks like. There has been a lot of activity in the country lately; the guide entails much of them, from big deals to new incubators and accelerators to government support.
    16 Aug 2018 How to Use Big Data and Cloud Computing for Your Business
    Big data and cloud computing are two innovations that have changed mainstream technology and the methods in which data are handled. The article discusses how these technologies can be used for your business.
    9 Aug 2018 How to Improve Your Cyber-Security
    In this technologically-driven world, we work, shop, play and live online. Our lives today revolve around and depend increasingly on digital services. The article discusses what is a cyber-attack, types of cyber-attacks and how to improve your cyber security.
    18 Jul 2018 How Small-Business Owners Can Use Blockchain and Big Data for Bigger Profits
    According to a 2014 Earnest and Young (EY) report, big data is changing the way businesses operate and outpace competitors. However, technology, or the lack of, has been an issue for the effective use of big data and other techniques. The article discusses how small-business owners can use blockchain and big data for bigger profits?
    8 Jul 2018 Five Stages of Cloud Security
    Moving from an on-premise environment to the cloud requires a different approach to cyber security. Security has been a key consideration at each stage of the cloud adoption cycle. The article discusses the five stages of cloud security.
    4 Jun 2018 How These Egyptian Entrepreneurs Build Arab World First Bot-Building Startup ĎWidebotí
    The WideBot is the first bot builder platform in the MENA region, aiming to build a smart chatbot in minutes without any coding. Incubated by the Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (TIEC), with an EGP 120,000 seed investment, the project kicked off a series of victories across pitching competitions. The article discusses the success and vision of the two entrepreneurs who developed this platform.
    24 May 2018 14 She-Preneurs Pitching at TIEC Women Entrepreneurship Program
    Egypt's Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (TIEC) has launched a pilot phase of its programme 'Heya Raeda' (she is an entrepreneur) to empower women entrepreneurs that have businesses in, or powered by, ICTs. The programme reaches out women entrepreneurs that have the skills that would allow them to start their own projects or start-ups. The article presents the programs details and a number of women who participated in the program.
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