27 May 2017

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    23 May 2017 Future Careers, Skills, Talents
    The article tackles the significance of building a series of future skills and accelerating the acquisition of digital skills through an educational and learning system that can improve intellectual capacities, including the skills of critical thinking, creativity and emotional intelligence.
    16 May 2017 Five Cybersecurity Imperatives for All companies
    All originations should do everything they can to control and improve their resilience to cyber-attack. The article tackles five tips that institutions must follow when it comes to cybersecurity.
    3 May 2017 How Cloud Computing Shapes Business World
    Cloud computing is defined as using remote servers to store data outside of a local physical hard drive. The article tackles the advantages of cloud computing for business.
    23 Apr 2017 Three Key Capabilities Make AI So Valuable
    The world is now on the cusp of a major change that could revolutionize almost every sector, industry and government service. This change is Artificial Intelligence (AI). The article tackles three key capabilities that separate AI from many of the past technical or scientific breakthroughs in terms of the value it can create.
    18 Apr 2017 Cairos Winning Startups: A Round of Applause!
    Three Egyptian startups secured the chance to fly to ArabNets Digital Summit which will take place in May in Dubai where they will get on stage, and pitch their business model to a panel of judges, investors, and professionals for a chance in receiving a $20K prize.
    6 Apr 2017 Hybrid Cloud Computing
    Hybrid cloud computing is offering key advantage in flexibility and efficiency; It is a cloud service that is composed of some combination of private, public and community cloud services, from different service providers.
    29 Mar 2017 Cybersecurity in Seven Minutes
    The article tackles the most common risks in cybersecurity, and means of protection, particularly when it comes to three critical areas: privacy, security and control.
    21 Mar 2017 Greater Inclusion for PwDs
    Computers have become one of the key tools used in the development of peoples skills, and plays a positive role in increasing the extent of integrating Persons with Disabilities (PwDs) in all aspects of life, allowing them to participate in the process of development.
    9 Mar 2017 Digital Arabic Content
    The article discusses the Digital Arabic Content which is limited to about 3%, compared with other languages, suggesting that initiatives must be adopted and efforts should be exerted to further digitize Arabic content, thereby promoting the Digital Arabic Content through various technologies.
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