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    6 Aug 2019 Egypt Home to Most Internet Users, Ranking First in MENA
    According to Internet World Stats international website, the largest number of Internet users in MENA is in Egypt, thus ranking first and surpassing Saudi Arabia and UAE. The article briefly presents Egyptís efforts towards digital transformation.
    21 Jul 2019 XPay Raises $250K Pre-Seed Funding
    XPay, a fintech startup empowering communities to go cashless through its community management platform and mobile app, has raised two hundred fifty thousand US dollars pre-seed funding from two angel investors. The article celebrates the Egyptian startupís accomplishment.
    18 Jul 2019 Interview with Buseet Co-founder
    Buseet is a bus network startup that offers affordable and convenient shuttle bus rides in Cairo. The article introduces the successful startup in an interview with young entrepreneur and Co-founder Amr El Sawy.
    15 Jul 2019 Orcas Raises $500K Pre-Series A Funding
    Orcas, an educational technology (EdTech) Egyptian startup, managed to raise five hundred thousand US dollars Pre-Series A funding, received from Algebra Ventures and NFX for venture capital. The article presents Orcasí success story to promote entrepreneurship.
    7 Jul 2019 ĎWomenaí Selects Three Egyptian Startups in its Accelerator Program
    Womena, an angel investment group, has selected eight female-led tech startups in the Middle East, three of which are Egyptian, to go through a four-month intensive experience-based course, to boost their growth and promote women entrepreneurship in the region.
    3 Jul 2019 WideBot Raises Six-figure Pre-Series A Funding
    WideBot, the first-ever Arabic chatbot building platform in the region, managed to raise six-figure (USD) Pre-Series A funding, received from a venture capital investor. The article presents the Egyptian startupís success story to promote innovation and entrepreneurship among youth.
    15 Jun 2019 Comparing 5G to 4G in Workplace
    The impact of the Fifth Generation (5G) technology will be felt by enterprises across the world, with nationwide coverage likely occurring by the end of 2020, representing an incredible change from 4G. The article compares and contrasts the two mobile communication generations in the workplace.
    1 Jun 2019 What is Big Data?
    Big Data is made up of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data sets. It takes in large amounts of data from multiple sources and pours it all into one big data lake. The article defines big data, explains what it does, and why we need it.
    29 May 2019 How 5G Technology is Different
    The Fifth Generation (5G) mobile network technology is faster than 4G, but thatís not the difference. It is the way it is built that makes it different. The article elaborates how 5G works, and how it is different from older versions of cellular network technologies.
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