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    Cooperation Protocol Singed by MCIT, Luxor Governorate and Schools Development Project

    Date published: 22 July 2010

    Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT), Luxor Governorate and Heliopolis Associationís Schools Development Project signed a cooperation protocol agreement on July 20th, 2010 on establishing and accrediting e-learning centers at middle and high schools in Luxor.

    The centers will be supervised by the E-Learning Competence Center (ELCC).
    The two-year agreement aims to found e-learning centers in all developed middle and high schools in Luxor.

    The agreement aims also to achieve continuity of operations at these centers via a developed management method as well as training employees and teachers and qualifying them to deal with e-learning and continuous education technologies.

    Such procedures will help boost studentsí skills, and train large numbers of school students on educational curricula, that contribute to building an information society, facilitating e-learning centers and raising the awareness of entrepreneurship and small and medium-sized enterprises (SME)s among the governorate youths.

    The protocol is applied over two phases; the first will be carried out inside Luxor by accrediting 13 middle, high and technical high schools to be developed schools supervised by ELCC. Also 200 teachers in Luxor will be trained on e-learning technologies, while 3000 students will be trained on Cisco IT Essentials.

    The second phase will be implemented in Armant and Isna cities where the accreditation of all middle and high schools that are being upgraded is underway.

    First Deputy to Minister of Communications and IT Dr. Hoda Baraka, Luxor Governor Dr. Samir Farag and Board Member and Secretary General of Heliopolis Association signed the agreement in the presence of Mr. Mahmoud Saleh, the Schools Development Project Coordinator.

    The protocol goes in line with the national project launched by the First Lady Mrs. Suzanne Mubarak, also the head of the Heliopolis Association, under the slogan ďFuture Steps.Ē

    The project aims to achieve social justice and equality in offering educational services to Egyptís children nationwide.

    ELCC has established and operated a national network for e-learning that disseminates the utilization of internet e-learning technologies to push forward the human resource development on the national level. This in turn will help build a new generation of youths that is scientifically and practically qualified to work for the different economic sectors.

    About ELCC
    The e-Learning Competence Center (ELCC) was established in September 2004 as an alliance between MCIT and Cisco Systems with the mandate of developing and delivering state-of-the art e-learning programs and helping other ministries and institutes establish similar competence centers.

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