22 Oct 2020

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    Inauguration of Esna and Armant Schools Development Project

    Date published: 8 November 2010

    Yesterday was the inauguration of the Project of Esna and Armant Schools Development. The project encompassed 60 schools developed and rebuilt in light of a modern constructive initiative and effective societal participation.

    The society activities started in Cairo, the experience was extended to Giza and then to Upper Egypt where Luxor was the first governorate to benefit from this initiative.

    The opening of these developed schools came after the 2nd phase of developing schools of Luxor 10 months ago.

    What has been accomplished through the Government Schools Development and Modernization Project in Cairo, Giza, and Luxor is by all means a miracle.

    As a matter of fact, working on these schools is limited only by summer vacation. Therefore, there is achallenge in terms of place, possibilities, and most importantly with time.

    Students in primary schools of Esna and Armant have become capable of dealing with modern technology including computers and the internet; even Upper Egyptian girls who have long been wronged by the society, have assumed their deserved position.

    Furthermore, the process of development also includes teachers, addressed the school as a premises and as a concept. Teachers have become proud of themselves and able to communicate information easily through computers and smart blackboards. Elements of educational process have become readily available in all developed schools.

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