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    Inauguration of Schools Development Project in Fayoum

    Date published: 21 November 2010

    The first phase of the Schools Development Initiative in Fayoum includes 63 schools for this year. Next year, 90 other schools will be developed in both Fayoum and Sanouras with schools totaling 153 schools by the end of the next year.

    Development efforts, explained Fayoum governor, Mr. Jalal Al-Saeed, have encompassed many aspects at each school according to its nature. Some buildings have been architecturally modified, other buildings have been reused.

    Other buildings, which were occupying the school yard, have been removed. One fašade has been adopted for all schools, as well as one pattern for walls and gates. Playgrounds have been made more spacious.

    Open theaters and water closets for the physically challenged have been erected. He also added that schools have been equipped with games for kindergartens.

    Mr Mahmoud Saleh added that it is expected that the initiative will extend to Qena and Suhag by the beginning of the following year.

    He explained that all schools dedicated to development have been equipped with PCs in cooperation with the Ministry of Communications. Moreover, these schools have been equipped with advanced clinics to provide health services necessary for students. The project focused on providing schools with playgrounds, activity halls, and theatres so students could practice all sorts of cultural, artistic, and sports activities.

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