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    ITI Community Dialogue on "25th January Post Revolution Scenarios"

    Date published: 13 March 2011

    In line with its effort in developing the IT Community, and with regard to  the current political changes in Egypt, ITI will organize a day for raising the political awareness needed for Egypt to successfully pass the transitional phase. Monday 14th of March 2011 will host two broadcasted sessions to reach as many beneficiaries from the Egyptian youth and the ICT community: Shedding lights on the Transitional Phase, a lecture on political terminologies and the transitional phase milestones to safely transfer the power in Egypt to civilian authority.

    This informative lecture will be conducted by Dr. Ahmed Youssef and Dr. Nivene Moussad, professors of political sciences.

    Requirements of the Transitional Phase, a community dialogue to discuss the required elections and their proper order, the laws required to organize elections' procedures and Political Parties formation and how to get back safety to the Egyptian streets. ITI invites dialogue experts and thought leaders including Prof. Dr Ahmed Kamal Abul-Magd, Law professor, Former Minister of Mass Communication and the President of the National Council for Human Rights.

    Dr. Mostafa Kamel Elsayed,  Professor of political sciences at Cairo University, Dr. Mohamed Megahed, Deputy director of the National Center for Middle East Studies, Eng. Nasser Abdel Hameed,  from January 25th youth and Dr. Farida al-Shobashi , Media Expert.

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