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    The Egyptian Cabinet of Ministers Clarifying the Situation of Communications Services in the First Week of the 25th of January Revolution

    Date published: 13 April 2011

    The Egyptian Cabinet of Ministers, during its 6th meeting held on 13th of April, 2011, announced that, since the establishment of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology in 1999, new and advanced services-especially the internet-have topped its list of priorities.

    Following this trend, the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology carried out many initiatives to spread internet nationwide leading to a boost in the number of users to exceed 22 million.

    In the beginning of the revolution, the State proper authorities in charge of security at that time, enforced the article No.67 of the Telecommunications Law No. 10 of 2003. The above-mentioned law states that, in cases of natural, environmental disasters, national security and/or general mobilization issues according to Law No. 78 of 1960, the proper authorities have full power over all communications networks and services of any service provider. 

    The State proper authorities have also the full right to summon all employees and workers in operations and maintenance sectors enrolled in the above mentioned entities.

    The Cabinet believes that orders issued by the State proper authorities to Telecom Service Providers to shutdown internet, mobile and SMS services in Cairo, Alexandria and other areas in Egypt was not appropriate.

    The Cabinet commits itself to review the Telecommunications Law, especially article No.67.

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