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    On the Sidelines of Cairo ICT 2011, the ENPO Chairman, stresses the importance of Automating Pensions

    Date published: 28 May 2011
    The Egyptian National Post Organization (ENPO) new chairman, Dr. Tarek El-Sadany announced that Egypt Post will work on automating pensions’ distribution in order to facilitate the process for senior citizens.

    Besides, thanks to automation, the ENPO will save around EGP 110 million annually that used to be spent to deliver pensions to elderly at home. This amount was allocated for administrative expenses after deducting the financial support provided by the ministry of finance to the ENPO. This means that delivering pensions to each person costs the ENPO around 12 to 15 EGP.

    In an interview with journalists on the sidelines of Cairo ICT 2011, Dr. El- Sadany explained that the ENPO will discuss implementation mechanisms of the automation plan with the minister of finance soon. The ENPO will provide this service to nearly 4 million persons.

    The ENPO chairman, Dr. Tarek El- Sadany made clear that applying money transfer through mobile phones will not underestimate Egypt Post services of instant money transfers. In this context, the ENPO is profiting of its actual strong infrastructure of electronic post offices nationwide.

    Such network of offices ensures the quick, efficient transfer of money in only few minutes. Promoting e-commerce is a top priority to the ENPO during the coming period.

    The ENPO, based on its widespread offices nationwide, holds the best solution for such operations through the service of paying upon delivery.

    The ENPO will take into consideration the needs, revenues of each region when opening new offices and of course, in order to present suitable services to its customers in each area.

    Dr. El-Sadany finally confirmed that the ENPO plans to gain the small employees’ confidence because they are the real treasure of Egypt Post that makes its dreams come true.

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