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    World Radiocommunication Conference opens January 2012

    Date published: 22 November 2011

    Source : International Telecommunication Union –ITU

    Focus on spectrum, orbital slots and next-generation technologies

    The World Radiocommunication Conference will open in Geneva, 23 January - 17 February 2012. The outcome of this international treaty-making conference will have worldwide ramifications in the field of communications.

    The 2012 World Radiocommunication Conference (WRC-12) will focus on the following:
     1.Review and revise the international regulatory framework for radiocommunications –Radio Regulations – to reflect the increasing convergence in radio services arising from the rapid evolution of information and communication technologies (ICT).

    2.Management of scarce radio-frequency spectrum to provide new opportunities for radiocommunication services, including those for maritime and aeronautical transport as well as for scientific purposes related to the environment, meteorology and climatology, disaster prediction, mitigation and relief.

    3.Management of satellite orbital slots and associated spectrum resources.

    4.The introduction of mobile broadband and other advanced technologies, the use of digital dividend resulting from the switch over to digital TV and the development of Ultra High Definition Television (UHDTV).

    What: World Radiocommunication Conference 2012 (WRC-12)

    When: 23 January – 17 February 2012(Radiocommunication Assembly, 16-20 January 2012)
    Where:Geneva, CICG Convention Centre

    Why: The World Radiocommunication Conference, held every three to four years, is mandated to review and revise the Radio Regulations, the international treaty governing the use of radio-frequency spectrum and satellite orbits. WRC-12 will facilitate the management of scarce orbit/spectrum resources in the interest of end-users, with global implications for both policy-makers and the industry.

    Who:Over 3000 participants from around the world are expected to attend.

     Media Information: Deadline for Accreditation: 12 January 2012

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