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    A Technology Day at the ITI

    Date published: 18 January 2012

    ITI held a Technology Day for its students and competition applicants on mobile and cloud computing under the theme ICT4Change on January 19th, 2012.

    The day comes as one of the preparatory activities related to ITI 9th International Conference on ICT to be held from 26- 28 March 2012, under the same theme ICT4Change.

    During the day, the day was also marked by an outstanding exhibition and informative sessions. Cloud concept and mobile technology for the change were chosen as they bring to the lives of individuals and businesses as well.

    ITI 9th ICICT promotes ICT as an enabler to support the country in its process of Change; a Change that calls for associating economic efficiency with social justice through utilizing state-of-art information and communications technology.

    As for January 19th, the sessions are focusing on cloud and mobile to stimulate the minds of the students and the competition applicants in how to utilize the tool they master in Change and to create a community impact.

    Discussions in the sessions tackled the following themes: Technology equaled a change, the impact of Technology on country / community (decision support & governance, quality of life), potential change to be made by Technology (future in terms citizen's quality of life) and success stories that support the concept ICT4Change for governance and quality of life.

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