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    Egypt Announces Five Regional Initiatives in ICT

    Date published: 8 March 2012

    In the context of the Connect Arab Summit, the Egyptian delegation headed by the minister of Communications and Information Technology, Dr. Mohamed Salem, launched today five regional initiatives that aim to realize the aspired development in the Region and ensure the utilization and diffusion of ICTs among the peoples of Arab nations with clear will and deep awareness of the importance of preserving common Arab heritage.

    Dr. Mohamed Salem, Egypt's Minister of Communications and Information Technology accompanied by a high-level delegation took part in the announcements during the proceedings of the Summit.

    The five initiatives aim at regional integration and harmony in fields such as preserving cultural heritage, measuring ICT indicators, addressing special challenges related to the region and special needs through best practices and software development.

    1- Memory of the Arab World Phase II
    “Memory of the Arab World” is one of the designated projects that Egypt had implement in partner with ITU and League of Arab States that aim at documenting and connecting Arab heritage in addition to diffusion it on the internet phase one started 2007-2011.

    Phase two aims at adding new heritage elements, digital documentation of each in every Arab country and launch the portal in both Arabic and English after implementing the training needed for the capacity building of the Arab specialists and setting the standards and the specs for all procedures and work flow (2012-1015)

    2- ICT Indicators and Capacity Building for Measuring in Arab Region

    This project is the product of a partnership between the Arab regional office of the International Telecommunication Union and MCIT-Egypt, which aims at establishing effective and efficient mechanisms at the Arab region to collect, analyze and disseminate ICT indicators.

    The portal is a Dedicated Database for indicators of communications and information technology for the Arab region, where every Arab country through this portal can compare indicators before other Arab countries, which makes the content of this portal is an important tool for policy makers in the countries to assess and follow up the developments of the performance of the telecommunications sector and information technology in their countries and the formulation of policies and future strategies. This is in addition to the benefit that would accrue content of this portal to regional organizations and various international.

    Phase two of the project aims at building Arab capabilities in the field of measurements of the impact of ICT on economic growth in general and on economic sectors and service sectors in particular, such as education and health sectors in order to benefit from the expertise accumulated in the Information Center and the Egyptian Ministry of Communications in this area.

    where the Ministry managed the center over the years and through the implementation of studies The different surveys to measure the positive impact of ICT on the national economy and to improve the quality and level of education and health services.

    3- Arab World Smart Services Initiative

    This will be implemented across the Arab Region over a period of 12 month. This initiative will tackle a number of developmental challenges as per the needs of each country.

    The Initiative is an intensive brainstorming and programming marathon for software developers and designers from around the globe collaborating on new tools for addressing development related issues. During the marathon technology experts and development experts work in teams to develop a technology that could solve identified challenges within a specific sector.

    The best product developments will receive an award, and will be utilized by private sector or government sector entities as a solution for the specific challenge it was designed to address.

    4- Arab Center of Excellence Networks for People with Disabilities

    The Virtual Arab Center of Excellence Network is aiming at using the maximum benefits of the experience of different Arab countries in order to improve the conditions of People with Disabilities (PwD) using ICTs, open up new opportunities for PwD to share equally in shaping their future as well as building their communities, help share knowledge, success stories, promote assistive technologies solutions, provide necessary training, raise the Arab local communities’ awareness about the importance of ICT for disabilities, especially in education and communication to include all impaired persons in their communities with equal opportunities. The Arab Center of Excellence Networks for PwD can absorb PwDs’ energy and creativity, realize their independence, and lead active and purposeful lives within our community.

    The project will draw on the pedagogical, psychological, social and technical expertise of the key partners and their broad network of specialists.

    This Center will have its nodes in the different sub-regions of the Arab Region and will be connected to relevant regional and international organizations as well as relevant entities in other countries outside the Arab Region. Each node will identify entity/entities in the sub-region it represents and its specialized areas and expertise.
    5- Hand in Hand
    General Framework of the Cooperation Among the Arab Countries

    This is a comprehensive module of cooperation in all related fields of communications and information technology; be it regulations, infrastructure, access, content, or applications. The initiative aims at helping the integration of the Arab region and narrow the digital gap within in terms of capabilities and positions. It is a tool that provides the Arab citizen with all means of communication and technology that pertain to the information age. It is after all a small world, and is becoming more and more a virtual one, where boundaries are vanishing by time, and human bonds get closer as we manage to control time and space.

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