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    Cloud Computing Creates Job Opportunities

    Date published: 26 March 2012

    A new research study released by Microsoft, conducted by IDC, shows that by the end of 2015, nearly 14 million new jobs worldwide will be created as a result of cloud computing.

    Recent study conducted by IDC, commissioned by Microsoft, shows potential opportunities for business through cloud computing.  By the end of 2015, more than a total of 14 million new jobs are expected to form due to cloud computing alone, as stated by the study.

    Of this total, Egypt should expect to see an approximate rise of 113 thousand new jobs across various industries, both technical and non-technical.

    By raising the level of productivity, reducing costs and promoting focus on more important issues for business, both global and local economies will benefit from cloud computing. The study further shows a number of companies exhausting large sums of their IT budgets on maintenance or updating their systems.  By cutting those costs, cloud computing can divert businesses to focus on other critical tasks.

    The IDC study, obtained its results by analyzing ‘cloud spending trends’ in more than 40 countries, then using this information to forecast the number of jobs this spending will create.  The study proved that cloud computing services have helped businesses worldwide generating an income of more than $ 400 billion, and helped create 1.5 million additional jobs, in 2011.  The study contained detailed findings on Egypt, predicting more than 13 thousand new job creations in 2012, with an increase to about 113 thousand new jobs by 2015.

    “Cloud computing is expanding and becoming a popular solution among businesses worldwide when it presented efficient and optimistic results”, says Ayman Abdel-Latif, General Manager of Microsoft Egypt.  He adds that, "the study clearly shows increased revenues, expanding businesses, and new job creation, not limited to the information technology sector, are all possible through extensive use of cloud computing.”

    The cloud can help companies to move from capital expenditure to operational expenditure, offering an affordable way to access services.  This can potentially increase returns from innovative technology systems to $ 1.1 trillion by 2015, according to the study. 

    Cloud computing technologies give rise to innovation, not just information technology, which means companies can hire more sales, finance, production, marketing and other personnel.

    After studying the current economic data at the global level, the IDC concluded that the minimal funds invested in order to reach cloud technology, ultimately leads to huge returns in short periods.

    "Microsoft, being one of the pioneers in the field of cloud computing services, provides a variety of solutions to ‘world-cloud’”, says Hazem Nabih, Director of Marketing and Operations at Microsoft Egypt.  He continues to state that, “Microsoft has a wide range of services designed to increase productivity, such as XboxLive and Hotmail which affects consumers directly.  The popular trend to rely on these services leads to huge returns from investments, along with the increase of new jobs available."

    Cloud computing can also be beneficial for education by providing an innovative alternative schooling, through personal and interactive learning. The cloud would allow students to interact and collaborate with a massive circle of peers worldwide. It changes the way people study by means of interactive learning in the primary, secondary and higher education levels. It also gives greater longevity to information by storing it in the cloud. 

    By 2015, the world will witness a growth in commerce and business from cloud computing alone.  The potential of the cloud will continue to grow if it continues to enjoy this popularity among more businesses.  For Egypt, the cloud came at a time where employment is urgently needed to allow it to bounce back during its political-transitional period.

    About Microsoft
    Founded in 1975, Microsoft (Nasdaq “MSFT”) is the worldwide leader in software, services and solutions that help people and businesses realize their full potential.

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