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    Erada receives UN-based World Summit Award (WSA) at Cairo ICT2012

    Date published: 3 May 2012

    Under the auspices of Dr. Mohammed Salim - Minister of Communications and Information technology - the World Summit Award (WSA) and Egypt ICT Trust Fund (ICT-TF), within the activities of Cairo ICT 2012 , celebrated the selection of “Erada Portal” from 460 projects and 105 countries, to receive the UN-based World Summit Award (WSA) in the category of “e-Inclusion and Participation”.

    The World Summit Award (WSA), is a global activity organized every two years to select and promote the world's best e-content and most innovative ICT applications. It is based on a unique mechanism of a global contest supported by national selections of best practice and a sequence of content-focused national and international events, content conferences and promotional exhibitions.

    Among the 40 e-Content Winners, Egypt ICT-TF was selected from 460 projects and 105 countries as one of the best Arabic e-content producer through its Arabic e-content platform; Erada portal (http://erada.kenanaonline.com/ ).

    Erada, is the fifth Arabic KenanaOnline (Community Development portals) portal specialized in addressing People with Disabilities (PWD). It aims at pulling off People with Disabilities’ full participation and inclusion at all levels of society.

    To do so, First, the Portal focuses on catering knowledge, needs, and concerns to PWD in all categories (hearing impairment, visual impairment, Physical impairment, mental retardation, Autism, Learning Difficulties) and covers important topics such as terms of disabilities, laws & rights, early intervention, genetic diseases…etc.

    Second, it provides web creation and Technical and knowledge support services to guarantee sustainable knowledge networks of concerned communities. Since its initiation in 2010, Erada Portal offers 700.000 specialized pages, 610.000 daily visits, and 2.000 monthly blog entries. Third, it establishes partnerships among some organizations, NGO's and individuals, being a reliable source of information, provided by experts and professionals.

    Over three years, Erada managed to create a number of specialized individual and institutional networks that target different types of disabilities. This is accomplished through initialing various partnerships with individuals, NGOs and community institutions working in this field.

    Such partnerships primarily targeted for providing valid knowledge and from reliable sources as experts, practitioner and disable themselves. One of the most prominent partnership of content exchange is the one with “ the Federation of Agencies supporting Disabilities” that includes more than 2000 associations work and specialized in the field of disabilities.

    It’s worth mention that Erada portal works according to a specific mechanism of participatory knowledge management, that starts with getting information from different sources, until reaching PwD. This mechanism reflects a precise sequence of the work flow through Knowledge management integrated Units namely: Technical Support Unit, Communication and Knowledge support, and Publishing Unit.

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