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    Under the Slogan "Egypt on”, ITIDA Supports 50 SMEs in Cairo ICT 2012

    Date published: 27 April 2012
    The Exhibition Includes the Awarding of United Nations World Summit Awards (WSA)

    Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA) supports the participation of 50 Egyptian Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Cairo ICT Exhibition and Conference 2012, taking place from 26 to 29 April at the Cairo International Conference Center.

    This year, ITIDA participates at the pavilion of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology. The pavilion covering a surface of 1500 meters gathered many of the bodies and agencies of the Ministry such as the National Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (NTRA), Egypt Post, National Telecommunication Institute (NTI), Information Technology Institute (ITI) and the Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (TIEC), Software Engineering Competence Center (SECC), Egyptian e- Signature Center of Excellence, Egypt ICT Trust Fund and Center for Documentation of Cultural and Natural Heritage.

    The pavilion of the Ministry for this year adopts a slogan titled "Egypt on", which reflects the promotional campaign for the Egyptian telecommunications and information Technology sector that targets the local and Arab markets. The campaign is launched from this year's exhibition along the lines of "Egypt On" promotional campaign.

    ITIDA’s CEO, Mr. Yasser El-Kady points out that the participation of ITIDA in this year's exhibition reflects the extent of ITIDA’s commitment to the local market as it supports the participation of 50 Egyptian companies in the exhibition this year through the program of marketing support to SMEs.

    The 16th session of Cairo ICT includes the awards distribution ceremony of the e-content World Summit Awards "WSA" in 2011.  This year the award goes to the Egyptian company, Erada, as one of the best enterprises established in collaboration with the Technology Development Fund in the field of e-Inclusion & Participation for the specialized portal project for the care of disabled and people with special needs.

    The selection of Erada portal comes after the selection of 70 best e-services and applications by ITIDA during the last year, in order to participate at the competition aiming at encouraging the use of unique and effective information and communication technology and refining e-content that contributes to building a comprehensive information society.

    Founder and CEO of Erwa'a Computer and Information Technology Applications, Mr. Ahmed Al-Karajy won the world prize of the global information society in the mobile applications.

    His "Medica" software was selected as one of the top 5 world applications in the field of environment and health for the year 2010 after a strong competition between more than 430 applications of more than 100 countries.

    With the presence of the minister of ICT, the events of the second day of this year’s exhibition include the graduation ceremony for 237 trainees occupying executive managerial positions in 122 small and medium enterprises. This is in addition to the distribution of certificates of appreciation for the best 15 trainees in the Advanced Management Program "RAMP". ITIDA’s CEO, Mr. Yasser El-Kady, and Executive Director of the Regional Centre Information Technology and Software Engineering "RITSEC", Dr. Motassem Bellah Kaddah, attended the ceremony.

    The RAMP program results from the strategic cooperation agreement between the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology and the Regional Information Technology and Software Engineering Center (RITSEC).

    The program is implemented under the supervision of the Regional Institute for Information Technology "RITI" in cooperation with ITIDA with a view to enhance the professional and personal skills of managers. The program aims to enable candidates to develop and share their vision with others as well as the leadership of their companies to motivate their employees.

    The program also aims at providing the participants with analyses of best practices of the world companies and a solid base of knowledge instead of the scientific basis for management tools.

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