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    Egyptian Geography Network Receives SAG Award

    Date published: 17 August 2006

    The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology Egyptian Geography Network project was awarded the Special Achievement in Geographic Information Systems (SAG) 2006 Award at the ESRI International User Conference 2006 held in the United State this August.

    EGN, which is one of MCIT’s Geographic Information Systems (GIS) projects, is a national network of geographic information users and providers that utilizes Internet infrastructure to deliver geographic content to browsers and desktops.

    The network is a collaborative, multi-participant system that provides the framework for publishing, sharing, and using geographic information on the Internet and allows GIS organizations to publish their own data via map & metadata services. It also allows searches for data available at other agencies as well.

    EGN is available to private, public, and commercial users, data publishers, and service providers and can be used via the Internet by agencies and organizations that require authorized access to information. The network is a vehicle for foreign investment in Egypt, as it provides the vehicle for marketing the available resources and investment potentials in Egypt via the Internet. It also promotes nation-wide data sharing and easy access.

    Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) is a US-based organization that designs and develops the world’s leading Geographic Information System (GIS) technology, an important tool that helps shape the world. This year’s conference theme “Geography and GIS - Communicating our World” focuses on the sustainability of our environment and civilization amid an increasing population growth, resource consumption, development and globalization.

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