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    CULTNAT Launches the Documentation of Siwa Heritage Project

    Date published: 12 July 2012
    The Center for Documentation of Cultural and Natural Heritage (CULTNAT) affiliated to Bibliotheca Alexandrina and supported by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology launches the project of documentation of Siwa heritage.

    The main target behind the project is to document all Siwa heritage including traditions and customs, handicrafts, art, music, poetry and sculpture, natural reserves, irrigation and architecture of buildings as well.

    Cultnat is in charge of the implementation of the project with the partnership of Siwa council, the association of local community development, (Siwa sons) association, the directorate of antiquities at Siwa as well as Italian-German partner institutions.

    During a 3-day visit to Siwa oasis at Marsa Matrouh, Director of Cultnat, Dr. Yasser El Shayeb got acquainted with the heritage of Siwa, meeting with tribal sheikhs and youth. He says that Siwa is one of Egypt’s most amazing and distinguished oases. It has gone through many historical stages, a thing that gave a lot of richness and diversity to its heritage, he adds.

    Siwa natural and cultural heritage documentation project is to take 5 years. At the end of this period, youth of the region will be trained on modern techniques of the natural and cultural heritage documentation. Moreover, a complete encyclopedia about Siwa heritage is to be released. Furthermore, visitors would be able to get to know the culture and nature of the heritage of the region through a whole center dedicated for this purpose.

    On the other hand, tribal sheikhs and civil society in Siwa expressed their deep happiness with the project and explained that the society at the oasis are ready to cooperate with all stakeholders to protect their heritage, keep it alive and inform people about it. 

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