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    CultNat Launches the Islamic Literature Project

    Date published: 13 September 2012

    The Center for Documentation of Cultural and Natural Heritage “CultNat” affiliated to Bibliotheca Alexandrina and supported by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, has announced the launch of the Islamic literature project that exists in a range of the most important historical monuments in Cairo.

    The project comes in collaboration with Dr. Bernard O'Kane, Professor of Islamic Art and Architecture at the American University and the American Research Center ARCE.

    CultNat director, Dr. Yasser El Shayeb says that the center coordinates with Dr. Bernard O'Kane to start the second phase of the project. This includes issuing light disks that enable scientific material for archaeologists, historians and whoever interested in Islamic heritage in an easy way that would be attractive for research and information access.

    Ms. Niveen Adel, Director of Coptic and Islamic heritage Unit at CultNat, has announced the completion of database development of 3300 inscriptions related to 509 monuments.

    This database includes a rare collection of writings carved, engraved and inlaid on different materials such as stones, plaster, ivory, mosaics and textiles.

    The writings are characterized by diversity between Kufic, Thuluth and Naskh fonts.  The database includes 11000 images and 972 architectural illustrative drawings.

    CultNat carries out many local, regional and international projects aiming at the documentation of cultural heritage, whether tangible or intangible, in addition to natural heritage by using the latest IT tools.

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