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    Euromoney Conference in Cairo Kicks Off

    Date published: 9 October 2012

    Euromoney Conference takes place in Cairo from 9 - 10 Oct 2012
    Under the slogan “Restarting Investment, Sharing the Benefits of Growth”, Euromoney returns to Cairo for its annual finance and investment conference with a main theme and objective restarting the Egyptian economy.

    All parts of the political spectrum, international donors and financiers, local, regional and global private sector gather at this crucial time to look at innovative ways of helping the economy to grow – to help the people of Egypt.

    The Prime Minister, Dr. Hisham Kandil inaugurates the event, with the presence of the Finance Minister, Investment Minister and key public and private sector speakers.

    The Minister of ICT, Mr. Hany Mahmoud is to talk about the ICT sector achievements during the past decade, its potential, future strategy, and the incentives the sector presents to investors as well.

    Euromoney conference aims at presenting the investors’ views regarding the significant challenges facing the Egyptian economy and enumerating the economic priorities for the coming period. Remote participation is also available during the conference which is transmitted live via YouTube.

    The conference recommendations are to be presented to decision-makers and media immediately after the conference closing.

    About Euromoney
    Euromoney is an annual international conference that touches on investment issues and investment opportunities allover the world with a special focus on portfolio and private equity investment in Egypt.

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