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    Pilot Project Launched For The Automation of Notarization Offices Project

    Date published: 24 November 2004

    The pilot project for the automation of Notarization offices was inaugurated in October in the presence of Minister of Justice Mahmoud Aboul Leil Rashed, Minister of Communications and Information Technology Dr. Tarek Mohamed Kamel and Minister of State for Administrative Development Dr. Ahmed Mahmoud Osman Darweesh.

    The inauguration ceremony, held at the Azbakiya Notarization office, included speeches by Farouk Awad, adviser to the CIT minister on land registries and Notarization offices, and Dr. Hoda Baraka, the minister’s adviser on information infrastructure, as well as a review of the scheme by the project manager, Hisham El Deeb.

    Project Summary:

    The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT), as part of its ambitious plans to increase the efficiency of government and make life easier for citizens, has – in cooperation with the Ministry of Justice – executed a pilot project for the automation of Notarization offices.

    Alongside the pilot scheme, which has been activated at the Notarization offices of Azbakiya, Qasr Al Nil and Ismailia, a website has been created to facilitate citizens’ interaction with Notarization offices. Via the worldwide web, citizens can now, for example, apply for official documents, ascertain what is needed from them when they submit their applications, and inquire as to the status of their documents.

    Project Properties:

    • Provision of an advanced, automated work cycle
    • Provision of electronic preparatory forms, saving time for both citizens and employees
    • Issuance of certificates and copies of documents from the Public Service Unit directly, removing the need to acquire them from other departments
    • Issuance of periodic statistics and follow-up reports
    • Confidentiality of data and transactions protected through the system
    • Provision of various office services through the Internet

    Project Objectives:

  • Advancement of the level of services at Notarization offices
  • Simplification of procedures for the benefit of citizens
  • Protection and security of documents
  • Improvement of supervision, management and observation methods

    Project Synopsis:

    • Started: September 24, 2002
    • Cost: LE 2 million
    • Number of offices automated: 3 (Azbakiya, Qasr Al Nil and Ismailia)
    • Transaction time: Less than 10 minutes
    • Documents admitted: 1.5 million
    • Number of employees trained for project: 80
    • First automated “power of attorney” document issued on November 6, 2002
    • Admission of the first customer waiting system in Notarization offices
    • Creation of a website offering various Land Registry Department services

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