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    ELCC Partakes in Smart Learn 2018

    Date published: 9 October 2018
    The e-Learning Competence Centre (ELCC), affiliated to the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT), participated in Smart Learn 2018, held on October 9, in Cairo.
    The Conference was organized by Ain Shams University, Nile University, Cairo University, Alexandria University, Aswan University, the Arab Academy for Science Technology & Maritime Transport (AASTMT), and the Egyptian E-Learning University (EELU), in cooperation with other European universities, including the University of Latvia (LU), Newcastle University- UK, the University of Oviedo-Spain, and others.

    The Conference aims to discuss the development of the smart learning environment. It tackled several topics, including smart educational content, smart technology, smart infrastructure, evaluation and quality assurance, Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) in education.

    The Conference focused, in particular, on new and innovative applications of education supported by state-of-the-art technologies such as virtual labs, telemedicine, digital museums, e-learning management systems and mobile applications. A number of projects, funded through the Erasmus program, were also presented, aimed at showcasing technology used in several university education programs and discussing the outputs of these projects.

    During the conference, MCIT role, through ELCC, in the projects implemented in Egypt was reviewed. ELCC role is to build human calibers of partners; provide training on the latest e-learning technology; and manage the production of projects’ content such as the IT-Based International Diploma and Professional Certificates in Clinical Toxicology (ITCT) and the International Diploma for School Teachers in STEM Education (eSTEM). This is in addition to ensuring the quality of e-content through partnership with international companies such as ECB Check & Quality Matter.

    Smart Learn 2018 was held in conjunction with the National Erasmus+ Day in Egypt. It was attended by experts, academics and specialists from Egyptian and European universities. An exhibition was held on the sidelines of the Conference, to exhibit the latest technologies used in education.

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