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    ITI Holds Career Expo 2019

    Date published: 3 June 2019

    The Information Technology Institute (ITI) is holding the Career Expo and Youth Skills Development Day, under the theme “Accelerating Talents … Building Careers”, on June 10-13, at ITI premises in Smart Village.

    The Career Expo brings all employers and talented pool of interns under one roof, thus offering employers an exceptional opportunity to deal with their active and future technical staffing requirements using standardized recruiting methods. The event offers professional face-to-face interviews and screening opportunities for talented youth.

    The annual event brings ITI industry partners, whereby they share their business ideas, best practices and hiring and training opportunities. The event features ITI 39th intake of over 600 professional students, studying in 33 dynamic tracks covering the highly needed areas of technology, such as data science, Internet of Things (IoT) applications development, mobile applications development, embedded systems, cyber security and others.

    ITI is a pioneering national institute with a regional influence and international linkage. Since its establishment in 1993, ITI has been devoted to providing a large pool of promising youth with world - class human capacity building programs and empirical learning approaches, to support the ICT professional workplace with potential calibers.

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