29 Oct 2020

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    e-Signature Center Offers AUB Accredited Certificate for Software Security

    Date published: 27 November 2014
    The e-Signature Competence Center affiliated to the Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA) has provided the Ahli United Bank with the conformance certificate to use e-signature featured software and IT security system, in order to secure accounts and transfers to its customers from companies and projects owners through the internet and e-commerce platforms.

    This comes in line with endeavors to spread the e-signature in Egypt to secure the commercial transactions for individuals and government entities.

    Ahli United Bank, one of the most important banking institutions in the Middle East, is the first bank in Egypt to acquire such a certification.

    The bank of 34 branches nationwide seeks to pump more investments in the Egyptian market through developing knowledge and skills of employees and innovating distinguished banking and credit services and accrediting advanced techniques to serve its different customers.

    ITIDA CEO Hussein El-Gueretly delivered the certification to the Ahli United Bank VP Hala Sadek in the presence of the banks IT Director Hossam Bedeir and IT Project Manager Ashraf Saleh.

    This comes in line with ITIDA BoD decision and the new article added to the e-signature executive directive for the law number 15 for 2004, stipulating that the use of e-signature tools must be preceded by the official accreditation of the Agency, according to related terms and conditions.

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