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    ITIDA, MCIT, MoF Cooperation Protocol in e-Signature

    Date published: 25 December 2014

    The e-Signature Competence Center (ESCC) affiliated to the Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA)  is about to start  implementing the backup site of the Government Certificate Authority (CA), developing its infrastructure and current equipment, in order to maintain cohesion among the main and backup sites.

    This endeavors come in cooperation with the Egyptian Company for Tracking Services and Information Technology (ETIT) and CA team.

    This comes as part of the cooperation protocol between the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT), Ministry of Finance (MoF), and ITIDA.

    Within this context, a committee was formed of the three parties to manage and follow-up on the execution of the project. It evaluates suggestions to overcome obstacles and comes-up with recommendations to make future amendments.

    According to the protocol, ITIDA provides training and technical support to operate the site. It takes in charge technical studies and recommendations. It also defines specifications for devices and networks.

    Moreover, MCIT accredits the technical studies and recommendations related to electro-mechanics, and helps identify the specifications of equipment.

    MoF is committed to identify the number of personnel- responsible for the operation of the main and backup sites- who shall receive training and examine the deliverables of the project at a cost of 24 million EGP. 

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