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    Egypt Attains 12th Position Internationally in Business Process Outsourcing

    Date published: 30 August 2007

    The Wall Street Journal, world's leading business publication, stated that Egypt has attainted the 12th rank on an International scale in the industry of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) after India, China, Malaysia, Latin America and Eastern Europe.

    The economic journal alluded to the fact that Egypt, Jordan as well as UAE have been able to take positions amongst the top 20 countries worldwide attracting investments in the field of outsourcing as per the report published by AT Kearney consulting firm.
    The article explained that a few governments in the Middle East, Egypt on top of which, are working towards attracting companies operating in the outsourcing field in order to diversify their national resources.

    The article further stated that the fierce competition resulted in an increase of India’s BPO industry labor cost, giving room to the Middle East to enter the field.

    The article mentioned that Middle Eastern and North African countries are paving their way into this race by inviting major players in the fields of telesales, customer services and technical support, capitalizing on the time zone advantage and the multilingual competent human resources. 

    Some of the largest outsourcing companies operating in India, according to the article,  have already established branches in the Middle East such as Wipro and Satyam which  have set up offices in Egypt’s Smart Village.

    Satyam has employed 300 professionals in its new center in Cairo to serve its customers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Arab world, while early this year Wipro started a joint outsourcing project in the KSA and announced its plans to enter the Egyptian market. 

    The article also referred to challenges facing the regional industry such as the lack of political stability in countries like Israel and Iraq. 

    The article further stated that language is a major advantage for French speaking countries in North Africa where Teleperformance, one of the largest call center operators headquartered in Paris, employs 3500 professionals to serve the Francophone markets where the company operates. The company aims to operate a call center in Cairo to serve multinational companies in the US and Europe. 

    The article added that the work opportunities created by the outsourcing industry represents a big gift to the Middle East region which suffers high rates of unemployment and population increase.

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