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    TIEC Organizes InnovEgypt Program Nationwide

    Date published: 15 August 2019

    The Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (TIEC) is organizing InnovEgypt program, one of TIEC initiatives for promoting innovation in universities, in Menoufia, Port Said and Kafr El Sheikh universities on August 17-22. The training duration is six days, and is provided in different universities and centers nationwide, starting from July 20 till September 12.

    InnovEgypt is a training program in the areas of innovation and entrepreneurship, targeting university students in ICT majors, who aspire to be future innovators and entrepreneurs, either through establishing their own innovative startups, or manifesting skills that are highly required by local and multinational companies.

    The program aims to build studentsí capacities and train them on technological innovation and entrepreneurship basics, as well as using methodologies and tools to develop innovative ideas to overcome challenges and problems. This is in addition to training them on how to implement these ideas and turn them into successful startups.

    InnovEgypt consists of three main modules: Innovation and Technology Management (two days) which considered as the base on which the whole program is built upon. Ideation Module (two days) where student will learn how to generate ideas and create innovative solutions to some of the greatest problems in Egypt and the world. Entrepreneurship (two days) covers the basic concepts of entrepreneurship and provides detailed training on the essential tools required by potential entrepreneurs to start up their new small businesses.

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