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    UNESCO, MCIT Hold Regional Consultation on Open Access to Scientific Information and Research

    Date published: 30 August 2015
    UNESCO Regional Bureau for Science and Technology in the Arab States, in collaboration with the Egyptian National Commission for UNESCO and Egypt’s Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT), is organizing the Regional Consultation on Open Access to Scientific Information and Research – Concept and Policies for the Arab States” meeting which will take place  in Cairo, Egypt on September 13 - 15.

    The  meeting’s key objective is to share that free and unrestricted access to research and scholarly communication can increase the impact of research and can benefit research institutions, authors, journal publishers and the society as a whole which will add to the productivity, visibility and accessibility of research and research outcomes.  

    Other main objectives are e to strengthen awareness of the participants on the potential of Open Access  in scientific knowledge sharing that can be dramatically accelerated by ICTs,  provide analysis for anticipating foreseeable trends and emerging challenges  in order to enable stakeholders to develop strategies and policies for implementation of Open Access and develop a partnership and collaboration among interested stakeholders as an enabling mechanism to improve access to and sharing of scientific information and research through Open Access.

    The Consultation will gather several key policy-linked individuals responsible for promoting Open Access in the Arab region which will encompass policy makers from information and science ministries; staff of science foundations, universities and libraries responsible for Open Access; and individuals promoting and/or managing key actions on Open Action in the region.

    Egypt will be making a consolidated presentation capturing the main trends, projects and challenges on the national level, led by the Supreme Council of Universities expert team, in collaboration with  experts from MCIT, Bibliotheca Alexandrina and  the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology. 

    The Regional Consultation of the Open Access is expected to enable UNESCO stakeholders  to understand trends and emerging challenges related to the impact of open access  on scientific information acquisition and sharing, analyze challenges with consideration of the region specificities to adopt appropriate Open Access policies, promote cooperation and efforts to discuss Open Access and its related policies and analyze best practices of Open Access Initiatives from the region and beyond as a model to follow.

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