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    Women's Mobile Health Unit Project Inaugurated

    Date published: 31 October 2007

    The "Women's Mobile Health Unit Project,"inaugurated yesterday  a joint collaboration between the Ministry of Health and Population and that of Communications and Information Technology.
    Minister of Health and Population Dr. Hatem Al-Gabali and First Deputy to Minister of Communications and Information Technology Dr. Hoda Baraka witnessed the project opening on behalf of Minister of CIT Dr. Tarek Kamel.
    The project, which comes within the framework of the National Campaign for Curing Breast Cancers, is the outcome of a cooperation protocol signed in 2004 between the Ministry of Health and Population and that of Communications and Information Technology in an attempt to develop health services via the use of ICT.

    This, in turn, will help offer Egyptian women better health care, especially in remote areas through the effective utilization of e-health tools.
    The national project encompasses a hi-tech communications network, mobile units equipped with advanced medical equipment, fixed units and a main center in Kasr Al-Aini hospital.
    The mobile and fixed units will be linked to the main center via satellites and high-speed lines. The network will transmit medical scans to specialized doctors for their review, who will send back the reports to the mobile units to be received by the female patients.
    The five-year project will offer Egyptian women aged over 45 years mammography scans for the early discovery of breast cancer as well as conducting complementary blood pressure and blood sugar measurements.
    The Women's Mobile Health Unit Project is likely to add a new dimension to what ICT can provide in remote diagnosis, which expands the spectrum of health care provision nationwide. The project also saves the time, cost and effort of moving the patients to specialized medical centers for examination or follow-up.
    This project comes as part of the government's interest in supplying all Egyptians with the best medical services, regardless of their social classes or economic status.

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