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    Egypt Participates in #WeProtect Children Online Global Summit

    Date published: 16 November 2015

    Egypt participated, today, in the second session of #WeProtect Children Online Global Summit, hosted by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in Abu Dhabi on November 16-17 and organized by the Ministry of the Interior.

    Participants in the summit are discussing means to strengthen the protection of children against the risks that they may be exposed to while using the internet. It aims to provide a safe environment for children that can contribute to educating and raising them perfectly without being exposed to negative risks.

    The summit is an opportunity to meet with governments and law enforcement agencies (LEAs) and civil society organizations (CSOs) working in this field, to agree on delivering concrete actions, building strong relationships and creating networks of cooperation for developing joint action mechanisms. It aims also to ensure identifying and protecting victims, and prevent Internet abuse, as a means of children exploitation.

    #WeProtect is a global alliance led by the UK government and supported by over 50 countries, 20 technology companies and NGOs to stop the global crime of online child abuse and exploitation. The first session was hosted by the United Kingdom in December 2014, with the participation of many countries all over the world.

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