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    Egypt Hosts Third Ordinary Session of AU STC on Communication, ICT

    Date published: 8 October 2019

    Egypt, represented by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT), is hosting the Third Ordinary Session of the African Union (AU) Specialized Technical Committee (STC) on Communication and ICT (CCICT-3), on October 22-26, in Sharm El Sheikh.

    As per its mandate, the major objectives of the session include preparing and submitting AU projects and programs to the Executive Council; supervising, following up and evaluating the implementation of adopted programs and decisions taken by AU organs; and ensuring the coordination and harmonization of these projects and programs.

    This is addition to presenting reports and recommendations on the implementation of AU programs to the Executive Council; carrying out any other functions to ensure the implementation of the provisions of AU Constitutive Act; and considering the progress made in the implementation and the way forward on projects such as the African Internet Exchange System (AXIS), Dot Africa, and Pan African e-Network (PAeN).

    It is the first time that the STC convenes outside the AU headquarters. Egyptís hosting of the event reflects its leading role in Africa, especially in ICTs, as well as the Egyptian governmentís keenness on strengthening ties with African countries at the regional level. This is in addition to its keenness on effectively contributing to achieving sustainable development in Africa, and unifying the African views on global issues.

    The AU STCs were established under Article 25 of 1991ís African Economic Community Treaty (the Abuja Treaty) that included establishing specialized committees, represented in AU Member States, on different technical and economic fields to work in close collaboration with the AU Commission (AUC) and Regional Economic Communities (RECs) to coordinate different African initiatives and projects to help accelerate economic integration among African countries.

    In 2015, the AU Summit adopted a decision to activate the STCs role, according to which the STC on ICT was established, with the communication theme added to the committee.

    The first ordinary session of the STC on Communication and ICT took place in 2015 in AUC headquarters in Addis Ababa.

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