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    First Arabized E-learning Program Launched Jointly with Cisco Systems

    Date published: 14 November 2007
    Under the auspices of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology and in cooperation with the e-Learning Competence Center (ELCC); Cisco ® Systems has launched Egypt's iExec program, the first Arabic business essentials course for Egyptian businesses.
    Cisco and its Internet Business Solutions Group (IBSG) has been working with MCIT to create a national e-learning program boosting the efficiency of e-learning as part of the Egyptian Education Initiative (EEI).
    To develop a localized version of iExec for Egypt and other Arabic-speaking countries, ELCC worked with Cisco IBSG, who had developed the original iExec English version and the Accenture Development Program (a not-for-profit-program).
    "Since the launch of the EEI and the World Economic Forum in 2006, Cisco has been serving as a valuable partner,” said Dr. Hoda Baraka, First Deputy to the Minister of Communications and Information Technology and EEI Program Director.
    According to ELCC Director Mr. Yasser Kazem, up to 10,000 small business owners and managers are expected to be trained on the new iExec program over the next three years.
    Kazem added that the Egyptian Chamber of Commerce, an ELCC partner, plans to train 3,000 small business owners by mid-2008.
    The courses will also be offered by other ELCC-recognized partners like BEST (a local NGO) and the American University in Cairo (AUC).
    Established in September 2004 through a partnership between (MCIT) and Cisco, the ELCC has been contributing to Egypt 's economic growth and competitiveness by enhancing the workforce performance via state-of-the-art e-learning and human resource development.

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