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    Nile University to Launch Program on Intelligent Transportation Systems

    Date published: 29 January 2008
    Nile University is due to launch, for the first time in Egypt, an educational program on intelligent transportation systems, acting University President Dr. Tarek Khalil said.
    The program integrates the programmatic, academic and research expertise in a bid to create a technological and economic future for Egypt, Dr. Khalil noted.
    He added that the new program links between the Information and Communications Technology (ICT), management mechanisms and transport planning and engineering.
    Dr. Hazem Ezzat, Chief Research Officer at Nile University, said the new program is likely to enhance the transportation sector and high-ways and roads inside the Egyptian cities, means of transportation like plans and trains as well as roads engineering and freight operations will also be developed.
    Dr. Ezzat pointed out that bachelor degree holders in civil, mechanical or electrical engineers and related specialties are welcome to apply for acquiring a masterís degree in the new program.
    Nile University will implement the program in cooperation with the University of Central Florida. The university has already been applying this program in driving and wireless telecommunications and other fields through the Center for Advanced Transportation Systems Simulation (CATSS) in order to enhance planning, design, management and security systems in the transportation field. 

    About Nile University
    Established in 2006, Nile University is a not-for-profit, privately-owned and autonomously-managed institution of higher learning primarily dedicated to excellence in technology-related fields with focus on business development and applied research. It is the first university in Egypt and the region that is specialized in post graduate education and research. The University is a partnership between the civil society (EFTED), the government (MCIT), and the CIT Industry.

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