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    Internet Safety Project Organizes Focus Groups on Internet Safety for Youth

    Date published: 7 February 2008

    Focus Groups for Internet Safety were organized in Cairo from February 4–6, 2008 by the Internet Safety Project cooperatively with Childnet International. The training program goes in line with the Internet Safety Porject track of Internet Safety.

    The focus groups included a number of young people and adults nominated by the movement, Internet Safety Project team members, ICT Trust Fund's Outreach Group members, Mobile IT Club employees, others from the Illiteracy Eradication Program and representatives from ICT companies and the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.

    In addition to designing and delivering sessions for the Youth Focus Group for Internet Safety, Childnet ran another Focus Group for Parents.  Parents, caretakers and teachers were acquainted with the issue and the role they are expected to play in keeping their children safe online.

    The training program goes in line with the civil society's increasing interest to conduct formal and scientific investigations into the nature and volume of the online security threat to the Egyptian youth.
    The Parents’ Focus Group gave Childnet and the Internet Safety Project team an opportunity to review with parents what they see as the needs, not only related to their own understanding of the issue but also to the support they need in monitoring their children’s use of the internet.

    Meanwhile, the focus groups are expected to meet regularly over 18 months starting February 2008 and work towards achieving its key targets.
    On November 29, 2007, the First International Executive Board Meeting of the Internet Safety Project was held in Cairo on November. The meeting was attended by Minister of Communications and Information Technology Dr. Tarek Kamel. It has then been agreed that a Youth Focus Group would be formed comprising a number of young people to receive training and later set the requirements for the safe internet usage, ways to deal with possible threats and to communicate the knowledge they would receive to their fellow youth. 
    About The Internet Safety Project
    First of its kind in the region, the Internet Safety Project was launched in 2007 at the International Youth Forum in Sharm el Sheik. The project utilizes ICTs and internet-based tools with the chief aim of spreading a culture of peace, tolerance and dialogue among youth through facilitating intercultural communication and understanding, empathy creation, skill development and internet safety awareness and knowledge among young people and other stakeholders.

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