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    Minister Kamel in the Inauguration of First International Conference on Using IT in Education: 1927 Schools Equipped with Computer Labs

    Date published: 23 April 2007

    Dr. Tarek Kamel, Minister of Communications and Information Technology stated that Egyptís focus in the coming decade will be on the use of Information Technology (IT) in educational development.

    The statement was part of Kamelís speech in the inaugural session of the first international conference on IT which was attended by Minister of Education Dr. Yousry Al Gamal.

    Kamel referred to the Egyptian Education Initiative declared in Davos Forum, the umbrella under which 1927 schools were equipped with computer labs and 850 schools linked to the internet. 

    Kamel added that Davos IT Report enforces the need to create a global awareness on IT achievements on the national level, according to Kamel, such dissemination is only possible through non governmental organizations (NGOs).

    Al Gamal in turn reiterated the importance of advanced IT emphasizing its indispensable role in alleviating socio-economic development. He further referred to the value of preparing calibers capable of using advanced IT tools, enhancing e-learning as well as benefiting from regional and international best practices in the field.

    The conference, held on 22-24 April at Mubarak Education City, tackles means of building up IT infrastructure at schools, spreading usage of IT tools, training calibers on using advanced IT tools and enhancing e-learning. The conference will also review regional and international best practices in the field.
    School teachers, university professors, leaders of educational institutions and representatives of private universities are taking part in the event.

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