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    Workshop on Assessing the Impact of ICT in education

    Date published: 22 May 2007

    The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) is organizing a two-day workshop on ICT impact assessment in education at the Smart Village on May 23-24. 

    The workshop, titled “Impact Assessment of ICT in Education”, takes place in the context of the “Helsinki Process on Globalization and Democracy”. It is a continuation of the first workshop held in Cairo last September, in which 32 experts from 10 ‘Helsinki Friends’ countries explored ways to cooperate in using ICT in three main areas: education, health and e-content.

    The workshop will focus on impact assessment of the use of ICT in education. Experts from various Helsinki Friends countries will share their impact assessment studies in the field of education. The studies’ findings will help improve current and future ICT for Education projects.

    Participants will also pinpoint factors, which facilitate or impede the impact of using ICT in education. In addition, the workshop will recommend a list of output indicators that allow for accurate impact assessment of ICT projects in education.

    Helsinki Process was incepted in 2002 and acts as the gathering mechanism of 14 developed and developing countries, boosting dialogue and generating goal-oriented actions. Being one of ‘Helsinki Friends’, Egypt was appointed in 2005 as the coordinator of the ICT track.

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