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    Egypt Partakes in WSIS Prizes 2017 Contest

    Date published: 9 April 2017

    Egypt is taking part in the Contest of WSIS Prizes 2017, due to be held on June 12-16 in Geneva, Switzerland. Voting started on March 30 and will end on April 30. The voting phase provides an online mechanism for all WSIS stakeholders to participate in the Contest. The list of nominated projects is available on http://www.itu.int/net4/WSIS/prizes/2017/. The WSIS multi-stakeholder community is invited to participate and cast its vote for one project in each of 18 categories. The first five most voted projects will be selected based on the appreciation/voting for project descriptions.

    The Information Technology Institute (ITI) Online Freelancing Capacity Development Program, capitalizing on a strong educational delivery framework and close links with the ICT industry locally and internationally is taking part in the Contest. It catalyzes the entire capacity and talent development cycle starting from basic digital literacy to latest worldwide technology trends.

    Egypt Information and Communication Technology Trust Fund (ICT-TF) submitted the Telemedicine for Remote and Rural Areas in Egypt (TRRA) Programme, launched by the Central Department for Community Development of the Ministry of Communications and information Technology (MCIT) in 2009 to provide better health care services and to enhance the quality of people's lives through telemedicine solutions. The Program served Siwa Oasis and Nubia-area, and is now expanding to cover other remote areas in Egypt.

    Moreover, MCIT Social Responsibility and Community Services Division submitted Egyptís National Program for ICT Accessibility in Education for Persons with Disabilities (PwDs) in the Contest. The Program is the first national program to utilize ICTs to ease access to ICTs and enhance the quality of education for PwDs. The Program main pillars entail technological accessibility of schools, teachersí training and development of Assistive Technologies (AT) for education, and promotion of access to leaning materials.

    The WSIS Prizes is a unique international contest developed in response to requests from the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) stakeholders to create an effective mechanism to evaluate and recognize individuals, governments, civil society, local, regional and international agencies, research institutions and private-sector companies for outstanding success in implementing development-oriented strategies that leverage the power of ICTs as an enabler of the development.

    MCIT received the Champion Certificate during the ceremony of WSIS 2016 Prizes Contest, held in Geneva, for the TRRA program, which significance lies in contributing to the social and economic development by using ICT tools. The Program is implemented by the UNDP and ICT-TF, and is jointly established by MCIT and UNDP.

    The WSIS aims at building a collective information society where individuals and societies are empowered to use all their potential to achieve sustainable development and improve their quality of life.

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