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    NTRA Develops System for Tracking Telecom Complaints

    Date published: 17 May 2020

    In its keenness to improve the quality of telecommunication services and enhance the users’ experience in obtaining high quality and affordable services, the National Telecom Regulatory Authority (NTRA) has issued a report on “Telecom Service Users Complaints Tracking and Follow-up System”. This reflects the transparency that enables users to acquire adequate information on the services offered.

    The report comprises the indicators of following up on the users’ complaints received on NTRA call center,  on telephone number 155. It includes the number of complaints received, the percentage of complaints handled after escalation to NTRA during the measurement period, and the service providers’ average complaint response time during the first quarter of 2020.

    The report comes within the framework of NTRA role to enhance communication and interaction with users and ensure transparency and data disclosure to provide users with adequate information, indicators of the service quality level and how responsive telecommunication operators and service providers are to different types of complaints. This positively reflects on the users’ satisfaction and improves their experience in obtaining high quality services.

    NTRA received 52,038 complaints from telecommunication service users, including complaints on mobile fixed Internet services. The number of 50,549 complaints was resolved, exceeding 97% of the total number of complaints received.

    To view the full report, kindly click Here.

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