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    MCIT Partakes in ‘Social Responsibility, Digital Transformation’ Panel Discussion

    Date published: 17 June 2020

    The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) has participated in the “Social Responsibility and Digital Transformation” panel discussion, organized by the Arab Council for Social Responsibility (ACSR), on June 17, under the auspices of the Minister of Communications and Information Technology Amr Talaat.
    The panel discussion threw light on the fundamentals and philosophy of digital transformation and its impact on all economic and social aspects. This is in addition to its significance for building modern and more growable societies, and ensuring that citizens enjoy a quality life and that youth, women and the most needy segments of population find decent job opportunities.
    MCIT participation included presenting the key features of Egypt’s Vision 2030 and MCIT strategy for digital transformation, based on a number of pillars including boosting internet speed and achieving the transition into an electronic government. The digital transformation implemented in Port Said City, represented in automating all government services, such as traffic, insurance, notarization offices and others, as well as health, eLearning and digital exams, was also referred to during the panel discussion.
    Moreover, the initiatives launched by MCIT targeting capacity building, were presented, as well as the establishment of technological innovation clusters in six Egyptian universities, the Applied Innovation Center (AIC) and the Knowledge City in the New Administrative Capital. This is in addition to the initiatives and measures adopted to support the State’s efforts for overcoming Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19), including increasing the download quota for home internet packages, and organizing events and training programs online to keep citizens safe and encourage them to stay at home.
    The panel discussion was joined by a number of Arab leaders in ICT, different industries and innovation.
    It is worth mentioning that the ACSR is a member in the UN Global Compact and the first council in Egypt that aims to be the platform for community development in the Arab region, for both sharing experiences and helping in the developmental process. The council carries out a number of activities including a monthly magazine and professional trainings for community capacity building, in addition to the annual award ceremony for the best Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) practice in the region.

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