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    Dr. Kamel to Participate in Euromoney-Egypt Conference in Cairo

    Date published: 13 October 2008

    Minister of Communications and Information Technology Dr. Tarek Kamel is scheduled to participate in the Euromoney-Egypt Conference to be held from 20-21 October in Cairo under the title: "Beating Inflation, Sustaining Growth."
    Minister Kamel will focus in his speech, which he will give on the second day of the conference, on the contribution of the ICT sector in raising Egyptís economic performance. Dr. Kamel will also tackle in his speech the expectations for such contribution in the upcoming phase.
    The conference is expected to discuss through over nine workshops the status of local, regional and international investments in Egypt, the consequences of inflation and changes currently witnessed by the international financial markets have been witnessing and their influence both on the local and regional levels.
    The conference will also shed light on the banking sector in Egypt, the new structure of the stock market, the coming generation of power projects and the infrastructure financing.

    About Euromoney
    Euromoney is an annual international conference that touches on investment issues and investment opportunities allover the world with a special focus on portfolio and private equity investment in Egypt.

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