22 Oct 2020

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    An Egyptian Company Acquires Two International Quality Certifications in BPO

    Date published: 24 August 2008
    Allied Information Technology Services (AITS) becomes the first company in Africa and the Middle East to acquire two quality certificates on Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) from BPO Certification Institute (BCI), a USA based and worlds largest BPO competency certification institute.
    Allied Soft Chairman and Head of Egyptian Association for IT Exports Dr. Mohamed Reda said that such credentials add to Egypt's record of offering outsourcing services and facilitate the penetration of new markets in Europe, the US and Asia.
    BCI Chairman said that AITS' acquisition of the two certificates qualifies the company to meet international quality standards in IT services export.
    He said the certificates are granted to companies after going through a process of assessment and inspection of their premises, equipment and workers. To acquire such credentials, he explained, a company has to raise its performance level to conform to the international quality standards.

    About AITS
    Allied Information Technology Services (AITS), an Allied Soft company, provides high-value BPO and technology solutions to healthcare providers including medical and legal transcriptions, call center services, medical billing and coding, BPO training services, and web-enabled software solutions.
    Located in Texas, U.S., BPO Certification Institute (BCI) is world's largest competency certification institute in the BPO domain offering certification for BPO professionals and research/advisory services to the global outsourcing industry.

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