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    City of Luxor - First Official City Portal in Egypt

    Date published: 28 February 2009

    The first official city portal in Egypt was launched during an official visit by Prime Minister, Dr. Ahmed Nazif on the 26th of February, 2009. The portal aims to avail a wide range of online services and information to Egyptian, Arab and international visitors to Luxor. The launch was also attended by Zohair Garana, Minister of Tourism and Dr. Samir Farag, Governor of Luxor.

    Luxor portal is a result of the cooperation between the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (MCIT), Microsoft and LINK Development aiming to promote the city internationally.

    Luxors city portal uses state-of-the art technology to offer visitors a host of interactive features and a seamless user-friendly experience.

    The portal allows visitors to search full official directories of the citys activities; sound and light shows and timings, organizers and packages, leisure information and sight-seeing, local transportation, shopping areas and markets, travel agencies, hospitals, banks and ATM machines, emergency numbers, etc.

    Tourists can use the official city directories to plan their trips or avail of the many itinerary recommendations available on the portal. They can also post their adventures in the city or view other peoples experiences or view the various photo galleries.

    The portal is expected to become an important source of information to all those who consider travelling to Luxor. It provides all information and functions that a tourist may need before, during and after visiting Luxor.

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