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    CULTNAT Hosts ArtTech09 International Workshop

    Date published: 3 June 2009

    The Center for Documentation of Cultural and Natural Heritage (CULTNAT) hosted ArtTech09 Workshop Monday, June 1st 2009 on the InfrArtSonic project,  in cooperation with the European Commission and a number of international organizations and universities.

    ArtTech2009 aimed to bring together experts from the different disciplines working on the documentation and analysis of cultural heritage components.

    CULTNAT Director Dr. Fathi Salih noted that the InfrArtSonic project aims to develop a novel and integrated non-destructive portable system for the determination of artworks paint layers profile in depth as well as the local distribution of the pigments in each of the paint layers.
    The system combines two modalities: acoustic microscopy and UV-VIS-nIR-mIR spectroscopy. The data acquired with the two modalities in the same areas of analysis are jointly processed and correlated to trace the depth profile of the paint layers (ultrasound modality) and to map the pigments in each respective paint layer (VIS-nIR-mIR spectroscopy).
    The final result will be reconstructed as a 3D model displaying the paint structure of the artworks in the selected regions of interest of the artwork. In addition, it will detect any previous restoration attempts as well as the authenticity of the work, how it was pained and the material used. 
    The device is quite helpful to scientists who work on maintaining artifacts, restorers, arts historians, analysts and archeologists at museums.

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