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    World Scientists Participate in IAMOT 19th Conference via Live Streaming

    Date published: 9 March 2010

    Nile University (NU) enabled the participation of 25 scientists from all over the world in the 19th International Conference on Management of Technology via interactive live streaming.
    For the first time, this technique was used in the conference held from 8-11 March, 2010 in Cairo.
    By doing this, NU, the conference organizer, aimed to broaden the base of participation and pave the way for further dialogue among scientists and researchers on related topics for discussion. Such a method facilitates for participants overseas to watch, listen and interact with the discussions.
    The first interactive intervention was from China by Dr. Max von Zedtwitz during a workshop on the rules and methodologies of writing a worksheet about technology management. The same technique will be utilized throughout the rest of the conference sessions.
    Mr. Nizar Nabil Samy, Director of Information Systems Department at NU, said that this procedure is more developed than videoconferencing. NU, he added, has also offered the services of cybercafé and wireless internet for free during the conference.
    Mr. Samy will contribute to the conference with two papers on environmentally friendly technology. He will illustrate the results of the NU initiative in 2008 in this respect and the university’s experience in conforming equipment to green information and communications technology (ICT).
    Mr. Samy will present another paper on the sixth version of internet protocol and its compliance with research and the university usage as well as the development of Internet 2. Internet2, a US advanced networking consortium led by the research and education community, consists of 200 universities including NU.
    Interactive live streaming was first used during the Internet Governance Forum (IGF). Yet this has been the first time for this technology to be used at a scientific conference.

    About Nile University
    Established in 2006, Nile University is a not-for-profit institution of higher education primarily dedicated to excellence in technology-related fields with focus on business development and applied research. It is the first university in Egypt and the region to specialize in postgraduate education and research. The university is a partnership between civil society (Egyptian Foundation for Technology Education and Development – EFTED), the government (Ministry of Communications and Information Technology – MCIT) and the ICT industry.

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